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Name Surname :  seolhwa park Adding Historic :  31.07.2009
Hi, Yilmaz. I'm seolhwa from korea. Can you remember me? anyway, I am so sorry. I'm so late. I was so busy so I couldn't write this. I will write in korean. take care bye. 안탈야에 가서 4박5일동안 숙박을 했고. 그리고 한국사람들사이에는 사바팬션이 너무 유명해서 다들 그리로 가는것 같지만 사바는 수영장도 없고 부대시설이 별로고 주인도 별로 친절하지 않더군요.. 저는 이 곳을 정말 추천해요. 아침도 괜찮고 방도 깔끔하고. 에어컨 성능도 좋고.. 그리고 수영장도 너무 좋아서 하루동안 수영하고 선탠하고.. 너무 즐거웠던휴가 였답니다. 추천해요^^
Country :  south korea City :  seoul

Name Surname :  Treena MacCuish Adding Historic :  9.07.2009
A delightful small family run hotel giving good value. Situated in the charming old town of Kalichi the garden sports a wonderful view over the bay to the \Taurus mountains. Yelmaz, his wife and their staff do everything is their power to please and are all extremely friendly. I was sorry to leave them!
Country :  Scotland City :  Oban

Name Surname :  Klymova Olga Adding Historic :  8.07.2009
Very nice hotel. Good ratio between price & quality: Very friendly owners of a family run hotel help in everything and knows Russian, food is very good, home-made. rooms are clean, well-condiotioned. Very nice garden with different trees: figas, oranges, etc make you feel so cosy as well as a sea nearby the hotel
Country :  Ukraine City :  Kiev

Name Surname :  Valentina Berdinskikh Adding Historic :  8.07.2009
This place is so amazing, comfortable and picturesque! people are so warm, welcoming and helpful! I really regret that I have stayed here only for one day. I wish I could spend here all my holidays! But I am pretty sure I will be back :) Спасибо!
Country :  Ukraine City :  Kiev

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