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Name Surname :  OZCELIK Adding Historic :  21.02.2011
Coucou Yilmaz, Zumrut, Umut, Kasim Bay.... On espère vous voir vite et que tout va bien avec bébé. des bisous Estelle, Daphné & Ali!

Name Surname :  Bokyoung Lee Adding Historic :  2.09.2010
Merhaba Yilmaz! We will never forget your kindness and your lovely hotel. We are all fine. MJ is very healthy and her baby is really healthy too. Now we are working very hard. Someday I will travel turkey again. And hope to see you then. Bye-bye
Country :  South Korea City :  Seoul

Name Surname :  Suzi Janic Adding Historic :  24.08.2010
I was there with a small group in Nov of 2009. I loved it and want to bring my husband back and we will stay here for sure! Marcy......I have a picture of us together and would love to send it to you........where should I send it? My email is: sjanic@comcast.net
Country :  USA City :  Salt Lake City

Name Surname :  Pim Vree Adding Historic :  21.08.2010
A wonderful place to be: Dining under olivetrees in the beautiful garden, nice spacious rooms with airco, delicious food, nice swimmingpool, fantastic surrounding, but most of all: a magnificant staff and manager, who make you feel very,very welkom and really special. A great place to spend your holiday, also for children, who are treated very well (ours really didn't wanna leave!). We hope to see you all again some day!
Country :  Netherlands City :  Utrecht

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